Our Story

Zen Scooter's story began when Lennie and I went on a 3 month vacation in Japan. As an Asian couple, we've always wanted to learn more about Asian philosophy, and our vacation seemed to be the perfect opportunity for it. We were excited, and we were determined to learn as much as we can.

During our stay, we learned about Japanese Zen philosophy as well as various other eastern philosophical ideologies. We realized that the inner tranquility of those who practiced Zen was reflected by their home and workplaces. Zen didn't just allow people to achieve internal harmony, it also helped them to make their homes and communities more tranquil.

We also learned that Zen is not just a school of thought, it's also a way of life, and that Zen practitioners don't just discuss Zen. They live it.

The Zen aesthetic, which emphasized cleanliness and simplicity, not only allowed people to relax, it was also conducive for mindfulness. It even taught us how to focus our minds, control our emotions or overcome confusion. The whole Zen lifestyle experience changed us. It made us appreciate the importance of living a harmonious, tranquil and simple life.

After returning to Australia in January 2017, we wanted to give people the chance to make their homes a more Zen-like atmosphere. Since its founding, Zen Scooter has released a wide variety of products that can help make your home more Zen-like, and/or more spiritual. From tea sets to Zen-inspired artwork, from modern Eastern products to spiritual accessories, our items will turn your home into a tranquil sanctuary and enhance your lifestyle, from which you can develop your inner peace and mindfulness.

Zen Scooter was developed based on the idea that if you create a Zen-like environment, then you will begin to develop a Zen-like mind.

Not just that, we also feature a range of complimentary spiritual products. Our aim is to become a one-stop-shop for people who love living life with simplicity and spirituality.

Achieving harmony through adopting Zen lifestyle has really helped our lives, and we want to share it with you. Let's start by checking out our spiritual collections.

Live simple. Live minimal.
Lennie and Tris.