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Being Mindful Is Not Being Meditative: A Guide To Getting... Zoned Out

In today's modern world, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus of our own presence. It is, therefore, vital that everyone gets a sanctuary that assures them that all will be well. Part of Zen practices involves being mindful, as said in a lot of Zen and Buddhism teachings. Being mindful doesn't necessarily mean being meditative, in fact, a mere breath would suffice. Among the things in modern life that may cause anxiety, stress or one feeling overwhelmed may be as simple as being stuck in traffic, meeting one's boss to explain a mistake, missing a flight or trying to make ends meet financially. Such incidents may make it hard for human beings to take control of their...

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Zen and Yoga - The Crossover

Such "mystery" abstracts Zen away from most people, especially the younger ones, who often regard yoga as science while Zen is more inclined towards art. The difference between science and art is that you need to be evolved, or awakened to begin appreciating art, but on the other hand, science often invites you to enjoy its fruits.

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The Zen philosophy trap: it's not just about talking out loud

A Zen lifestyle is so much more than simply talking about it. It takes everyday action. It starts with you. Talking about it may convince those around you, but the adage of actions speaking louder than words is indeed true. Seeking other people's welfare, kindness, helping out, sacrifice and not judging may be simple elements, but they go a long way into defining one's Zen lifestyle. 

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